David Lindsay

Jade Managing Director

David lindsay

Phone: +64 3 367 8338

David is Jade's Managing Director, he is responsible for the overall direction and driving innovative thinking at Jade.

David has a wealth of experience at Jade, having previously held a wide variety of positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary, Investment Manager and General Manager International Operations.

Prior to joining Jade, David held positions as Manager, Audit and Corporate Finance for both Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse, Central Europe, where he was involved in audit and facilitating the introduction of foreign investment into the privatised industries of Eastern European countries.

David was attracted to Jade because of the way the company embraced innovative thinking to deliver value to customers through every interaction. This dedication to innovative thinking makes Jade a great place to work.

Outside work David enjoys running, biking, skiing and tramping.