Jade Software Corporation is a privately owned company specialising in innovative products and services for global markets.

With over 2,000 clients in 90 countries and products sold by more than 40 partners worldwide, some of the world’s leading companies choose our products to realise their greatest opportunities.

Jade Software is 30 years old with a proud history of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the 1980’s Jade invented the LINC 4GL used by more than 4,000 Unisys computer systems world-wide. In 1996, the company released JADE, an object-oriented software development and deployment platform, still used today by more than 2,000 enterprises.

Our innovation is driven through a deep understanding of customer markets, combined with design led thinking and a team of experts who are top in their fields. It’s this leadership and focus that continues to ensure we remain market leading to deliver technology solutions to the world.

Supporting this vision are our 300 staff, servicing customers, partners and product development from our offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.