Escrow: The JADE Community Incorporated Society

What would happen to your business if the team behind JADE technologies wasn’t there anymore? The JADE Community Incorporated Society (“the Society”) offers enhanced escrow services to the wider community of JADE users. If the Jade Software Corporation goes under, the JADE product will be safe in the hands of Society members.

The JADE Community Incorporated Society is a separate entity to Jade Software Corporation. It was established in 2008 to offer enhanced escrow services which, if the Corporation ever ceases to exist due to a ‘trigger event’ like company failure, will be vital for your JADE-based software.

The Corporation fully supports the Society and its objectives. We believe that all organizations with JADE-based software, like yours, would gain from joining the Society. We’re represented within the Society now, but our representation will end if a trigger event occurs.

The Society provides:

  • protection of your investment in intellectual property (IP)
  • certainty and surety
  • continuity of supply
  • ability to be part of the destiny of JADE under certain future circumstances.

Beyond standard software escrow

The Society’s escrow service does more than the standard industry approach to software escrow. It gives Society members a beneficial interest in the support and development of JADE, should the Corporation fail or cease to exist.

You’ve invested a lot in software (via licenses, for example), and you need certainty that supply will continue. Standard escrow would hand you (and other JADE users) the software source, which is only part of the overall equation.

How the enhanced escrow offered by the Society works

A regularly-updated copy of the JADE source is held in secure escrow by DataBank Escrow Services Pty Ltd (“DataBank”), in Melbourne, Australia.

Should a trigger event occur and the Jade Software Corporation no longer exist, that copy of JADE’s source will be released to the Society, which will be allowed to support and develop JADE in line with the original terms and conditions of the license. The IP rights to JADE will remain with Jade Software Corporation’s successor.

Instead of individual companies like yours each receiving a copy of JADE and relying on individual, fragmented support capabilities, the Society is a larger, stronger group with a common objective. It will be able to provide much more effective and efficient ongoing support for JADE.

This structure allows Society members to:

  • continue to use JADE
  • set the direction of JADE’s future development
  • consolidate the resources that support and develop JADE
  • protect themselves against predatory parties with an interest in JADE software or support resources.

Your investment in JADE

As well as paying for JADE licensing, you’ve invested a lot in JADE-based business software, and in changing your businesses to maximize JADE’s benefits and efficiencies.

Making and continuing investments like these is much easier when you’re certain about JADE’s future. After a trigger event, Society members can be confident that JADE and JADE-based software will continue to meet their business requirements.

Society membership

Membership to the Society is available to JADE Licensees that meet certain conditions. A number of prominent Jade clients are already members, and their representatives are the office holders of the Society.

If you’re not a member

Non-members of the Society won’t receive the JADE source in any event. You can’t become a member after a trigger event.

  • Joining fee (one off): NZ$2,500 (includes first year’s membership).
  • Annual fee: NZ$2,500, payable on 1 April on pro rata basis.

Ask about joining the Society

Contact your Jade Software representative, or the Escrow Manager, Jane Mattsen:
+64 3 365 2500