The JADE 2018 transfer of information (TOI), is a deep dive into key product enhancements in the JADE 2018 product release.

For more information about the release go to JADE2018

1 Welcome and Introductions

Welcome to the TOI and updates from the JADE Development team.

JADE 2018: 2 New Features

A summary of the new features in JADE2018.

JADE 2018: 3 JADE Language

An explanation and demo of Language Improvements, including Constructors with Parameters and String Methods.

JADE 2018: 4 Interfacing JADE to other Technologies

Learn about new and improved features for connecting JADE to the technology ecosystem it is a part of.

JADE 2018: 5 Development Environment

An overview and demo of both substantial and incremental updates to the IDE.

JADE 2018: 6 Testing

Overview of tools and improvements available to help with testing in JADE2018.

JADE 2018: 7 Diagnostics

An update on Method Cache Statistics, Method Error Analysis, and JADE Audit Access.

JADE 2018: 8 End User Experience

Deep dive into new features that you can use to improve your end user experience.

Jade 2018: 9 Managing JADE Systems

An explanation of new features for managing your JADE systems.

JADE 2018: 10 Source Management

A deep dive and demo of the New Git-related Source Management features in JADE2018.

JADE 2018: 11 JADE Examples

A presentation about the JADE Github repository, updates to the demo system, and new training course topics.