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JUG / Part 1

Let's set the scene, and start at the top! Hear from Jade Software's CEO and JADE stakeholders. Then see what's inside the service pack SP1 2020 and get a glimpse into the Roadmap. Find out what security resources you can tap into, AND see some great projects from fellow developers in the global JADE community.

JUG / Part 2

In JUG Part 2 we go deep into demo-land! See how to use GraphQL to query JADE over REST, learn how to deploy timezones and access geospatials.

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Stephen Persson

Guest Speaker: Founder StaffSync

JUG / Part 1


Charlotte Walshe

Topic: A year in review

JUG / Part 1


Henry Varney

Guest Speaker: Skipton Building Society

JUG / Part 1


John Richards

Topic: Service Pack - SP1 2020 & Roadmap

JUG / Part 1


Timothy Aitchison

Topic: Security module & Geospatial deployment

JUG / Part 1 & 2


Tom Hallam

LIVE DEMO: GraphQL to query JADE over REST

JUG / Part 2


Hugh M-B

Topic: Timezones

JUG / Part 2


John Ascroft

Host of JUG 2021

JUG / Part 1 & 2