White Papers

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With over 20 White Papers outlining the more complex areas of JADE functionality, this page provides in-depth guidance to subjects such as multithreading, exception handling and REST services.

Asynchronous Method Calls

Learn about asynchronous method calls, use cases, and how use them to your advantage.

Code Coverage

Learn how JADE's code coverage capabilities improve application testing.

Erewhon Demonstration System Reference

All of the information you need to install and run the JADE Erewhon Demo.

Environmental Considerations for Deploying JADE

Hardware and software considerations for JADE production systems.

Developing a Backup Strategy

Develop a backup strategy for your JADE database.

JADE Audit Access

Learn about JADE audit access and how to extract information from the JADE journal.

JADE Exception Handling

Learn how to use exception handlers to produce high-performance JADE applications.

JADE Logical Certifier

Learn about JADE Logical Certifier.

JADE Report Writer

Provides you with an understanding of how to use the JADE Report Writer to improve performance during execution of user reports.

Multithreading JADE Applications

Learn how to develop multithreaded applications in JADE.

Multiuser Setup

Learn how to set up clients and servers for a runtime JADE system, where the clients and servers could be installed on separate machines.


Learn about packages and how these adjuncts to existing schema structure allow more controlled access.

Performance Analysis

Understand how to improve performance. What needs to change? Where do you start?

Performance Design Tips

Hints and tips for JADE developers.

Relational Population Service

How to set up an RPS environment.

Relational Queries Using ODBC

How to use SQL statements to access a relational view of your JADE database.

REST Services

Information about the REST-based Web services that JADE provides.

Server Memory Allocation

Information that enables you to tune database disk cache to maximise performance.

Synchronised Database Service

Learn about JADE's Synchronised Database Service (SDS).

SOAP Web Services in JADE

Learn about SOAP-based web services in JADE, including web service provider, web service consumer, and direct web service capabilities.

Web Services Security in JADE

How to use the .NET class library to implement web services security in JADE.

Web Services Tips and Techniques

Information to assist JADE Web services developers.

XML in JADE White Paper

Information about the XML framework in JADE, which enables rapid development of XML applications and XML components.