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Develop at speed using the latest release of the Jade Platform.

What is Jade Platform?

Jade Platform is a unique tool for the construction of software applications, made by Jade Software Corporation. As an integrated solution programming with Jade Platform means that in a single development environment you define the code and the database. This enables extremely complex applications to be tackled; complex data structures are easily defined and used.  Jade Platform's unique structure also helps developers, (and those starting out in code) build and demonstrate complete working prototypes extremely quickly - this is how we believe programming should be!


For developers wanting an additional layer of verification in regards to the authenticity and integrity of our binaries, carry out the following steps.

  • If you don't already have the latest version of the sysinternals sigcheck tool, you can download it here.
  • For the following commands, substitute Jade-Binary with the specific name of the file you have downloaded.

1. In order to verify that the publisher is in fact Jade Software Corporation, run the following command

sigcheck -a <Jade-Binary>

In the output, the  Publisher  key should have a value of   Jade Software Corporation Limited  verbatim. If the  Publisher  key is not as specified, then the binary may not be a genuine Jade binary and shouldn't be used.

2. Check that the file size is correct with the following command

sigcheck -i <Jade-Binary>

In the output, the  Verified  key should have a value of   Signed  rather than:

Signed but the filesize is invalid

3. As a final check, using Virus Total (which compares the file you have downloaded with the Virus Total database) confirm that the file doesn't contain any known malware

 VT detection  should be either   Unknown 
or a fraction showing  0/<number-of-scan-engines> 
where  number-of-scan-engines  is the number of scan engines that the  Jade-Binary  has been run against on Virus Total.
 VT link  should be  n/a  or a link to the Virus Total results.
If it is not, do not run the file you have downloaded and checked.

Choose your version

Do you need an older release?

For information on supported Jade versions or to obtain assistance upgrading from an older release, email:

Additional Resources

Jade Github Repository offers additional resources you may find useful; for example:

  • Jade-Erewhon – A demonstration system showcasing the various features and best practices of Jade development.
  • Container examples – Various examples that show how to use Jade containers to stand up a variety of application environments.
  • Jade-ATCG – Automated Test Code Generator for Jade GUI applications.
  • Jade-Google-Analytics – A demonstration of Jade's Google Analytics integration - and more!

Need help?

If you have hit a snag in your download or install we recommend:

We offer different support options depending on your needs and platform usage; take a look at the Support page for more details.

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