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JadeCare tools give extra functionality,
as well as monitoring and maintenance capabilities

JadeCare Start

The JadeCare Start schema (CardSchema) is a must for all Jade Platform users - and it is also free! This high-level schema provides helpful features and examples to assist you in building robust and high performance applications. It is also the key backstop for your developing, providing an online or offline backup. Features include:

  • Global exception handling
  • SMTP (email) interface
  • 'Out of the box' Backup Strategy
  • Online or offline backup
  • FTP and HTTP file transfer
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • LDAP interface

Note: that this schema must be present in Jade systems that use the JadeCare managed service.

Normally JadeCare Start will be the immediate subschema of Root Schema. The version of JadeCare Start should be kept up to date with the relevant Jade Platform release. JadeCare Start is licensed free of charge to Jade users.

JadeCare Start contains two broad categories of classes. These are as follows:

Common Service Classes

The common service classes are available to all Jade users and include the following significant functions:

  • Global exception handlers:
    • Global (if all else fails) exception handler;
    • Lock exception handler, with default retry mechanism;
    • Deadlock exception handler, with optional retry mechanism;
    • TCP connection exception handler.
  • Comprehensive application stack dump utility. This is an essential tool for diagnosing intermittent or data-dependent application faults in a distributed production environment.
  • Application diagnostic logging facility.
  • SMTP classes, which allows the application developer to send SMTP messages (emails) and attachments.
  • LDAP classes, which allow developers to easily code directory access to an LDAP server.
  • FTP and HTTP file transfer classes.
  • Easy-to-use TCP connection class and methods.
  • Methods to allow the application developer to specify the collection of transaction performance data.
  • Encapsulated on-line database backup application.
  • Miscellaneous utility functions, such as;
    • String handling routines;
    • Time and date handling routines;
    • File path handling methods.

JadeCare Managed Service Classes

This group of classes provides the functionality required by the JadeCare managed service. The functions include:

  • Connection to JadeCare Systems Agent at application start up.
  • Monitoring and reporting of client start up and shut down.
  • Critical application monitoring.
  • Application version control and deployment.
  • Online and offline backup.
  • Online compaction.
  • Capture of application and database performance data.
  • SDS synchronisation checks.
  • Applications to support online deployment.

JadeCare Start documentation is provided
in each release download package.

JadeCare Systems Manager and Tracker

Access the latest Installation and Administration Guides and Release Notes for the JadeCare Systems Manager (JSM) and JadeCare Tracker products:



Need Help with JadeCare tools?

If you are a user of Parsys then you may also use this facility to request support and new features for JadeCare Start. Use Product Name: JadeCare Start.

Otherwise provide as much information as possible regarding your request by EMAIL to