Developer's Course

This course covers everything you need to know to start developing JADE applications

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The course includes:
  • An introduction to designing object-oriented systems in JADE.
  • How to write readable and functional JADE code.
  • Using JADE’s powerful database to manage complex data.
  • Creating a graphical user interface to a JADE database.
  • How to manage concurrent transactions in a multi-user system.
  • Using notifications and events to track data changes in real time.

Attendees also receive lifetime membership to the community of people who have taken the course and an invitation to participate in monthly one-hour AMA sessions with a JADE expert as you start applying your knowledge.

Course resources

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Registrations will close two weeks prior

30-35 hours over one week
$500 NZD or AUD, £260 GBP, €290 EUR, $320 USD
Either onsite at our Christchurch office, or remotely online.