For more than 30 years, JADE™ technology platforms have made it easy for software developers to build clever software in Windows environments. Few, if any other technology systems make it easier to create and move database objects. JADE removes the impedance mismatch, and in the process accelerates software development, so your products and services get to market faster.

Speed isn’t all. JADE is based on industry-standard technologies and security protocols that integrate with almost any technology stack. From New Zealand’s first internet banking system to systems for milk and timber processing, finance, health, and hundreds of other business systems in between, Jade Technologies makes the business world go round.

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Our technologies

JADE Platform

JADE is a robust development platform for business applications. There’s no need to store and access data as you develop. JADE's online tools and resources give developers everything they need to solve complex business problems.


  • Concise, easy-to-learn programming. 
  • Easy to use, develop, and maintain. 
  • Simple data modelling. 
  • Distributed processing. 
  • High-grain, sparse programming makes it easy to implement complex business logic. 
  • JADE object manager and application server automate object caching and cache synchronization. 
  • Thin client architecture delivers rich user interfaces to Windows desktops and development from anywhere in the world. 
  • JADE interfaces with other languages, including .NET, C, and C++. 
  • Web service and .NET Assembly integration. 
  • Relational Population Service (RPS) populates relational databases for business intelligence and data warehousing. 
  • Synchronized Database Service (SDS) provides hot-standby facilities and distributes read-only tasks to secondary databases. 
  • JADE comes with a product roadmap and technology updates.

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Some of our work



Business software giant delivers an ERP solution.

Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society

Major UK building society builds core banking system with JADE™.

SSI Limited

SSI Limited

Finance and admin software delivers daily bread.

JADE User Group 2020

The JUG 2020 is all about …


Our online User Groups events are the most popular yet, with attendees joining from all around the globe, contributing to the amazing discussion, and giving their feedback on our future direction. We’ve created this page to give our community the opportunity to (re-)watch our virtual User Group sessions from 2020.

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Our partners

Every JADE partner is different - from Greentree’s business software and its 10,000 users, to CustomLinc's tourism booking system for sightseeing on Sydney’s Darling Harbor.

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Escrow: The JADE Community Incorporated Society

The JADE Community Incorporated Society offers enhanced escrow services to the wider community of JADE users. Should Jade Software Corporation cease to exist because of an event like company failure, society members have a beneficial interest in the support and development of JADE.

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