The latest release of JADE delivers more openness, enhanced security, and cloud capabilities for your systems, and makes developers happier


JADE developers can expect improved performance and greater efficiency in the 2020 version, as well as a better overall experience. We’ve made it easier for you to focus on work that matters to you so you can enjoy solving problems instead of battling technology. 


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JADE 2020 includes 

  • Quick and easy integration between JADE and third-party applications.
    You can build flexibility into your tech stack with the extensible REST client
    , which is easy to use.
  • SSL-enabled connections to lower your risk and reduce your security exposure.
  • JADE containerization, which enables you to modernize heritage JADE applications, move to the cloud, adopt DevOps, enable coexistence with newer cloud‐native applications, and stay innovative.
  • Improved performance with collection concurrency enhancements
    You can improve the scalability of your JADE applications and simplify your code around collection locking.
  • The ability to stay efficient, productive and enjoy your programming:
    • Parsing and validation is easy and elegant with Regex.
    • You can maximize reusing your code and iterate sequences of objects with interfaces.
    • You can leverage greater flexibility and storage efficiency with variable length arrays.

In addition to these key features, JADE 2020 has over 60 additional features that will improve your experience and productivity.


Upgrading to JADE 2020 is easy, with no significant structural changes. 

Download JADE 2020 and watch your life become easier! 


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