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The appeal of 'as a service'

Jade in the news, Digital business - January 12, 2016

john-ascroft.jpgA new article published by iStart today, Generation Rent, takes a look at the seemingly unstoppable move that software has taken towards being offered as a service ('aaS'), rather than being owned by those who use it. John Ascroft, our CIO, is one of the industry experts interviewed about being a software supplier in the 'aaS' age.

The appeal of 'aaS' to consumers is obvious, and mindsets are changing. As John notes, shared ownership has had its time in the sun before, but this time seems different. The question today is 'why wouldn't you?'.

Ascroft pointed to the cyclical nature of the industry. “In the early days everything was shared at the hardware level, then things went in-house, and now sharing is back in again, but at the service level this time. The move away from ownership might be more permanent this time, because society as a whole is moving away from ownership. In the medium term, I think we’ll see more ‘rent as you need’ and less owning things. When you’re not using things, they sit there losing value. People are becoming more aware of that cost.”

Read iStart's full article: Generation Rent

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