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Craig Beveridge talks customer centred software design

Jade in the news, Digital business - August 3, 2016

0656J_140415.jpgCraig Beveridge, our Australian GM, has penned a new article ‘Digital transformation? It’s all about the customer’ on iStart.

With a strong focus on new technologies putting control in the hands of the customer, Craig discusses how businesses must rethink the way they operate.

“Rather than being inwardly-focused on processes and procedures, successful organisations are striving to instead understand their customers and exactly what they require – and, rather than simply being an enabler of traditional business operations, technology is increasingly becoming a fundamental factor for improving customer service.”

He explains that we should rethink software design to take a more customers-centric approach that can match designs and interfaces to real world requirements.

“The first step is strategy. A business needs to understand exactly what customers want and then ensure the appropriate technologies deliver it. Successful development teams lead with design, and then match the most appropriate technologies and tools. In this way, the user experience becomes the most important factor, with back-end systems and infrastructure providing support as required.”

Read full article: Digital transformation? It’s all about the customer.

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