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Growing an innovative culture

Digital business, Innovation - July 20, 2016

core-education-case-study-2.jpgWe have long appreciated the importance of giving people the time and space to experiment with new ideas. Since 2014 its been built into our organisational calendar, with a series of two-month-long “Thinkubator” programs. These have been so successful that when CORE’s senior leaders heard about the Thinkubator, they asked for their own version.

Our new case study explains how CORE adopted the Thinkubator framework under the name He Kākano. CORE’s senior leaders wanted to inspire new ideas, build new relationships across the organisation’s different functions and locations, and demonstrate real commitment to innovation - both to staff and influential figures from outside CORE. As well as being a fun event that more than half the company took part in, He Kākano has brought lasting change.

Christina Ward, CORE’s Senior Manager of Innovation, credits the new program with improving the “structures and processes” that nurture new ideas. She’s also impressed with the changes she’s felt around CORE’s offices.

“We wanted to make a buzz, and bring more energy to the creativity that we knew was there. We wanted to make it more visible. Innovation has definitely become more of a talking point at CORE.”

Every day, it’s important to keep innovation visible and support the best ideas that people have. Our approach balances a big, team-based event with ongoing support that maintains momentum.

“We’ve refined this program to the point where we know that almost any organisation could pick it up and have a fun, engaging two months. It puts innovation in the limelight, sparks inventive teamwork, and rewards the best ideas,” says Caroline Francis, Jade’s Director of Marketing.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, John Ascroft adds, “We’ve also built tools that help keep the best ideas going after the competition is over. Innovation needs to be happening the whole time, rather than just a distracting hack day every now and then. We want to help companies get people excited, get them thinking, and show them that their clever thinking makes a real difference. We want to help our clients change their culture.”

The full story about the cultural change at CORE is out now: Sowing innovative seeds at CORE Education.

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