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Is your business husky or human? The latest from our CIO, John Ascroft

Jade in the news - July 5, 2016

JohnAscroft.jpgThis month, Energy News readers heard from our CIO, John Ascroft, about the value of adaptability as the pace of change accelerates.

“When you're faced with a changing environment, you need to adapt. But that ability doesn’t always come naturally. When I take a week-long trip to the Gold Coast, I acclimatise so quickly that when I come home the temperature always makes me shiver. Siberian huskies might have been in New Zealand for the past 18 generations but in the summertime they still need paddling pools to make the heat bearable. The adaptability of most businesses is closer to huskies than humans, and that's a problem.”

John points to a culture of innovation as key to finding new ideas. He says the next step is to surround this culture with processes that quickly discover whether ideas will develop into something special. Processes like:

  • Failing fast
  • Funding several small projects
  • Taking risks

Read the full article: Adaptability key as pace of change accelerates

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