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John Ascroft examines innovative thinking in Energy News

Jade in the news - August 31, 2016

“Innovative thinking is your best insurance against an unpredictable future but, honestly, are you confident about uncertainty?” This is the question our CIO, John Ascroft, put to Energy News readers in his latest column, The serious business of free thinking

Inspiration and ideas for becoming more innovative are coming from other industries. John points to this cross-industry innovation as the key ingredient for energy companies to stay competitive in the future.


“ When you get it right you equip people to look for new opportunities, and you get better at spinning up new products and services. For energy companies, the potential payoff is huge.”

But he notes there is a uncertainty amongst companies about how to encourage and sustain innovative thinking, suggesting innovation programmes are the solution.  

“Workplace culture can be difficult to shift, but staff programmes can make a big difference… There’s a balance between making innovation fun and showing how important it is for business."

John goes on to encourage the sharing of innovation methods within, and across industries.

“The big lesson here is that the hard work of changing workplace culture doesn’t have to be lonely. By sharing approaches we can build innovation leaders across industries. This is truly inspiring.”

For those with a subscription to Energy News you can read The serious business of free thinking.

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