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Keeping IT jobs fresh: Idealog talks to Jade

Jade in the news, Working at Jade - November 5, 2014

This month Idealog - New Zealand's magazine for business thinkers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals - interviewed our Director of HR, Colleen Bardsley. In a fast-moving sector that constantly requires new and novel skills, Colleen and her team work hard to develop our talent, engage the next generation of tech minds, and make Jade a switched-on, productive workplace. The results are impressive.

A majority of companies in New Zealand and around the world see talent shortages as a major threat to growth. Unlike most, Jade is openly dealing with this threat. For Colleen, that's crucial to staying ahead. But it's not only about finding new employees.

"Retention obviously beats eternal churn and recruitment, and one sure-fire way to hold onto staff is to promote learning at work. Jobs that don’t get stale are popular, and employers like people who grow and develop over time."

Colleen's team promotes programs that let people lead their own development, while keeping Jade's goals in mind. It's a careful, collaborate blend that works for everyone.

"Goals people set themselves are obviously more motivating, and by including leaders and managers we can keep individual growth and development in line with our company’s strategy."

This, along with the other programs Colleen describes, make Jade an attractive place to work. Quite rightly, Colleen's proud to see how long people stay with Jade.

"Our turnover rate is 7% and people choose to stay — the average tenure here is longer than ten years."

Like any business, we reply on our people more than anything else. With Colleen and her team showing the industry how HR can combine low turnover rates with constant learning opportunities, we know that Idealog's readers can learn something from us.

Read Idealog's full interview with Colleen: How software companies can prevent staff from leaving by keeping jobs from going "stale".

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