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NBR talks innovative culture with our CIO

Jade in the news, Innovation - August 29, 2016


If you missed Friday's National Business Review, you missed an interview with our CIO, John Ascroft, about building an innovative culture.

“It’s difficult to establish a competitive advantage through technology or products. People are the only way to build a permanent or long standing advantage. As soon as you start talking about people, it all comes back to culture and as soon as you start talking about continuous change, then you’re back to innovation,” Mr Ascroft says.

The NBR asked John about Jade's longevity - we're a couple of years away from our 40th anniversary - which he puts down to applied innovation - the practical application of new ideas to customer problems, rather than "technology for technology's sake". That's the mindset that we've built into our company culture over the years.

“Culture is a precious thing. It’s not something you can control by demand. You can’t walk into an organisation and say ‘today we’re going to be innovative and optimistic’. It’s just not possible. Culture is a bottom up thing. I’m a great believer in hiring to adapt culture.”

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