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New JADE 2016 release a giant leap for developers

JADE Development Platform - December 30, 2016

Shard_logotype1.pngJade Software is excited to announce the latest upgrade to the JADETM development environment with Chief Innovation Officer John Ascroft saying, “JADE 2016 is an unashamedly developer-focused release”. Amongst its improvements JADE 2016 includes the biggest visual refresh in the product’s 20 year history.

A new look and feel in the IDE (integrated development environment) is the most obvious enhancement.

Dr. Constantine Zakkaroff from the University of Canterbury says, 'The new look and feel in JADE 2016 will be a game-changer for the product'.

Modernisation is more than skin-deep, though. A large number of improvements center on ease-of-use and on making the IDE noticeably faster. Feedback from developers played a large role in deciding what went into JADE 2016 - a new static method feature, for example, answered one of the most common requests from developers.

“We’ve put developers first in this release because they’re our first point of contact. We wanted to improve the experience of people who are using JADE every day, and apply some of our design-led thinking to an interface that was showing some signs of its two-decade history. There’s been a pleasing balance in recent JADE releases, with the previous couple of upgrades being more about delivering benefits at the business and operations level,” says Ascroft.

Jeremy Ridley, Technical Director at Contec Group is impressed byalso excited about the new release. He says, "JADE 2016 makes great steps forward in terms of developer tools, look and feel, as well as eagerly awaited language extensions. These combined further enhance JADE’s desirability, stability and robustness, and complement its existing strengths making JADE 2016 a must-have for any JADE-based development."

JADE 2016 marks a pair of milestones - the product’s 20th anniversary, as well as the start of a new naming convention that identifies JADE releases by year, rather than version number.

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