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Quality partnerships make our clients smarter and happier

Digital business, Innovation, Financial services - October 20, 2015

craig-beveridge-large.jpgCraig Beveridge (Jade Software’s Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Australia) explains how bimodal resourcing is good for our clients, and for us.

Recently we released a new opinion paper about bimodal resourcing. In it, we explain why it makes sense for companies like insurers to recognise two types of IT work, which we call traditional IT (low-risk, sequential projects like core system work) and creative IT (quicker, more flexible projects like the development of new software and apps). The right approach to take depends on the outcomes you want from a project.

Our software designers and developers do a lot of work in industries, including insurance, where the creative side of IT needs to grow stronger. This is a common part of digital business transformation, which is itself a necessary response to the digital disruption that is shaking up so many markets right now.

So, how do you get better at creative IT? We’re talking about teams that blend different approaches to problem-solving - designers, programmers, user experience experts and others all working together. These teams respond quickly to change, define the end product as they work, and operate in short, energetic sprints. There’s no single mix of talent that works every time, and no single blueprint to follow.

Creative IT isn’t just a series of repeatable processes. It’s difficult to pick up creative IT without seeing how it’s done.

Being an innovative partner

As a digital business partner, one role we play is to help clients bring creative IT to life. We draw a single project team from both companies, and let each project double as a demonstration of creative innovation. Sharing our methods and expertise shows our partners what’s possible, and lets them pick up new ideas. Over time, we see clients get quicker and more able to produce quality software.

We’ve worked with Meridian Energy, for example, for a few years now. One recent project saw experts like data integrators and UX researchers from Jade partnering with Meridian’s team to build My Energy Use - a new app for customers that the combined team designed on the fly, with customers giving feedback as we went. We’re proud of the software, as well as the way the project strengthened our partnership with Meridian. Our people were praised for “the depth of their engagement”, as well as the app that the project delivered. That’s a sure sign of a partnership working well.

The work of a tech partner is different with every client. For TAL, we’re a nimble innovation and development partner that helps quickly bring new ideas to life. At ClearView, we’ve led workshops with stakeholders and customers to kick off new projects. After a particularly broad engagement covering everything from strategy through to designing new solutions and managing them after that went live, Arc Innovations have called us “an exceptional partner”.

The digital business era is permanently changing the way companies, and your competitors, do business. We want our clients to succeed now, and over the long term.

When you’re choosing a tech partner, look for providers that work hard to leave your team smarter and happier every time we work together. Any tech provider that tries to keep its expertise to itself is shortchanging its clients, and itself.

We’ll help you to answer the big questions.

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