Electricity Authority case study

JADE™ application promotes industry competition in electricity sector

Electricity Authority case study

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Our work at Electricity Authority

Independent Crown entity The Electricity Authority (EA) oversees New Zealand’s electricity industry, which is one of the most deregulated in the world. EA is all about industry competition. Creating true market competition is a sitter for smart technology. A JADE application did the job.

Our work at Electricity Authority

A system to promote industry competition

Healthy markets are competitive. They keep suppliers on their toes and prices sharp. Technology has a role to play, and EA went to market for a vendor who could build a system to promote competition between electricity suppliers.

The JADE-based Electricity Registry System

The Electricity Registry System was at the time a world-first for the electricity sector. The web-based application holds identification numbers of every domestic and commercial electricity connection point in New Zealand. Its job is to facilitate real-time consumer switching. The Registry also supports negotiations between traders, provides energy industry statistics, and functions as a secure conduit for the transfer of data between industry participants.

The platform is protected by JadeCare - a managed service offering 24/7 monitoring and proactive incident management, application support, software updates, and support for database and runtime environments.

One system, millions of connections

Electricity customers - all 1.8 million of them - use the Registry to evaluate electricity suppliers before making a final choice. Regulators can identify which retailer supplies which connection point and manage retailers accordingly.

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