Skipton Building Society case study

Major UK building society builds core banking system with JADE™

Skipton Building Society case study

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Our work at Skipton Building Society

Founded in 1853, Skipton Building Society is the UK’s fourth largest building society, with diverse business interests and a national network of 100 branches. A new JADE platform has replaced mainframe computing and united the society’s customer systems.


"The move to JADE on an open platform has taken us from a limited position, in terms of IT, to one of real flexibility and scope."

David Cutter
Skipton Building Society.

A new technology platform to drive better customer service

Skipton customers access their finances in different ways, from offline passbooks to internet banking. Society managers knew that visibility was key to making improvements. The endgame was to create a single window to the entire customer experience.

However, Skipton’s mainframe computing environment ran a number of disparate legacy systems. The platform was expensive and didn’t provide the scope for application integration. An open platform was required.

JADE™ technology unites information

Skipton had successfully implemented two JADE systems and decided to rebuild all its core systems with JADE technology. The new platform underpins Skipton’s customer services and provides a single view of customer information for streamlined management. Systems include:

  • Mortgage and investment administration. The new system has cut operating costs and underpins new services.
  • Branch automation. The award-winning system deploys branch applications and tools to support the central management of Skipton branches. The JADE system took less than three months to develop and was deployed to 80 branches within 30 days.
  • Call-center. The new system manages a single view of customers and full communication history.

More flexible, less costly

Skipton’s new platform is more robust and cheaper to run. Central management requires less supporting infrastructure in Skipton branches. What’s more, JADE runs on commodity hardware. Mainframe licences are history. Thin client computing means technology upgrades and new services are quick and reach everyone at the same time. And training staff to use core banking systems now takes days rather than months. These improvements have cut data processing costs by 65 per cent.


David Cutter, SBS operations director: “The move to JADE on an open platform has taken us from a limited position, in terms of IT, to one of real flexibility and scope. The new system supports our business processes rather than dictating them. It also puts us on a platform that can provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers faster, easier, and more cost effectively.”

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