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Greg Smith Tue, Jan 31, '23 14 min read

A perspective on ChatGPT

2022 was a watershed year for AI with the release of two key products: DALL-E 2 image ...
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Syen Nik Mon, Sep 21, '20 13 min read

Ethics and transparency in an age of algorithms, AI, and machine learning.

Businesses turning to innovative digital solutions are realising the growing benefits ...
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Syen Nik Thu, Mar 5, '20 8 min read

Using machine learning to unlock the potential of computer vision

Computer vision (CV) is the ability for a computer (or machine) to see and interpret ...
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Jade Software Thu, Dec 5, '19 14 min read

We built the world’s first digital barista. But why?

Bella is a conversational AI-enabled digital assistant, who can talk to you about most ...
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Michael Howard Tue, Nov 19, '19 11 min read

Setting the foundations for your Industry 4.0 journey

Industry 4.0 brings with it the exciting opportunity to transform the way your business ...
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Jade Software Tue, Oct 29, '19 11 min read

The state of IoT in New Zealand

Internet of things (IoT) has been flying around for a few years now, with many people ...
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Jade Software Thu, Oct 24, '19 6 min read

The power of people and AI

Throughout every industrial revolution in history, we’ve seen how man and machine have ...
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Michael Howard Fri, Oct 18, '19 8 min read

Performance through perfection - how automation and innovation drive efficiency

Automation is not just about working faster, but also working smarter while creating an ...
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Michael Howard Thu, Sep 26, '19 5 min read

Meet Nola, Noel Leeming's new digital employee

Shoppers at the recently-opened Noel Leeming store at Westfield Newmarket, are in for a ...
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Jade Software Wed, Sep 18, '19 5 min read

Why you can't just set and forget a Digital Employee

Unlike commodity technology, you can’t just launch and leave your chatbot. Just like a ...
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