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Michael Howard
We built the world’s first digital barista. But why?

Bella is a conversational AI-enabled digital assistant, who can talk to you..

Michael Howard
Meet Nola, Noel Leeming's new digital employee

Shoppers at the recently-opened Noel Leeming store at Westfield Newmarket,..

Michael Howard
Why you can't just set and forget a digital employee.

Unlike commodity technology, you can’t just launch and leave your chatbot...

Michael Howard
Intelligent chatbots as recruits: Putting digital employees to work for your business

Gone are the frustrating rudimentary responses, replaced instead with..

Michael Howard
Five types of return on investment that digital employees offer.

There’s no question that digital employees (intelligent chatbots) require..

Jonathon Bray
Confessions of an artificial intelligence psychologist

Artificial intelligence is basically a computer system that has learned how..

Eduard Liebenberger
Moving from a mobile-first to a conversational-first mindset

"We are living in a conversation-first world”. Increasingly, I hear..

Michael Howard
Why so many businesses struggle to implement a chatbot solution that works

To understand what the fundamental changes in implementing successful chats..

Syen Nik
Syen Nik: My five cents on machine learning

We sat down with Syen Nik, Head of Machine Learning at Jade, to learn what..

Michael Howard
The anatomy of a digital employee.

The capabilities of digital employees are close to infinite. The ways you..

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