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Michael Howard
Why digital projects should always begin with user experience design

What makes a digital platform most memorable to you? It’s likely good..

Michael Howard
The impact of design thinking on customer experience

As humans, we tend to develop patterns of thinking based on our knowledge..

Michael Howard
The anatomy of a digital employee.

The capabilities of digital employees are close to infinite. The ways you..

Michael Howard
Applied AI – Why a digital employee is your perfect human assistant

From grandeur projects to ethical debates, workforce disruption to business..

Eva Schmittgall
An expert's inside word on the business of design sprints.

There’s no better acid test for a concept than to see if it works in..

Shna Galindo
Six reasons to use a Design Sprint for your next project

When you’re faced with a new and challenging project, it can be difficult..

Max Johns
From ‘gotcha’ to ‘we get you’ in agritech

"Does it work offline?" This is one of the biggest questions from farmers.

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