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Jade is a business technology company headquartered in Christchurch

JADE 7.1: Faster, easier, better

Now you’re ready for big data, commoditized devices, and cloud deployment

We’ve seen how software development is changing today. Big data is multiplying the scale that systems need to operate at. Everyone’s using commoditized devices, and expecting full functionality no matter which screen they choose. More and more systems are being deployed in the cloud, even as a brighter spotlight shines on security.

The enhancements in JADE 7.1 keep your development environment ahead of all of these major trends.

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New in JADE 7.1

Performance and scalability enhancements

  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) performance enhancements, improving handling of larger databases.
  • Significantly extended class numbers, so you’re ready for big data.

Interoperability and security

  • REST web services.
  • WS-Security support allows you to more easily build secure Web services.
  • .NET class library enhancements (building on those of JADE 7.0), for easier and more natural integration with .NET systems.

Developer features and productivity

  • Extended class and property name lengths to make code more readable.
  • Static method analysis helps detect possible coding deficiencies.
  • The ability to add dynamic properties to an open class while it is in use at runtime, or change their type, without requiring an outage due to a database reorganization.
  • Extended design-time capabilities, building on JADE 7.0 enhancements.

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Simplify and accelerate your JADE 7.1 upgrade

Our Upgrade Services can get you ready for JADE 7.1. Experts from Jade will work with you to prepare your environment and systems, plan and test your on- or offline data migration, and train your developers and administrators.

Working with us simplifies and accelerates your upgrade, meaning no avoidable downtime and quicker access to JADE 7.1. And the sooner you’re on 7.1, the sooner your developers will be more productive.

JADE 7.1 Upgrade Services

Upgrading from JADE 6.3?

Support for JADE 6.3 has ended.

Upgrading to JADE 7.1 keeps a strong support team behind your development platform, now and in the future.

The full benefits of JADE 7.

Database enhancements:

  • Database performance enhancements, including Direct I/O, for faster transactions and data access.
  • Faster database file operations, including file reorganisations, compacts, certifications and backups.
  • Faster database checkpoints with lower impact on throughput.

Performance optimizations:

  • Increased throughput and higher concurrent access to objects, so your applications can take greater advantage of multi-core hardware.
  • The ability to run significantly more processes in a single node.
  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call) optimizations for faster application server to database server communication.
  • Stronger security of data on disk and on the network between JADE nodes.
  • Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) support ensures that your JADE systems are IPv6-ready.
  • Extended object limits.

New developer features:

  • Editor autocompletion - a huge boost to authoring code.
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) macros and configurable quick access shortcuts to speed up repetitive tasks.
  • IDE common method refactoring features, which support faster and more reliable design changes as your system evolves.
  • Enhanced documentation, including a sample application and tutorial, to make adoption by .NET developers even easier.

Our help makes upgrading to JADE 7.1 easy

Simplify and accelerate your move onto JADE 7.1 with our expert support team. We can help with training for developers and administrators, data integrity and migration expertise, and assessment and configuration of your systems and environment.

JADE 7.1 Upgrade Services

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