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Jade is a business technology company headquartered in Christchurch

JADE 7.1 Upgrade Services

Upgrading to JADE 7.1? With our support you can simplify and accelerate your upgrade, and maximize the benefits you get from JADE 7.1. We can even customize services to suit your schedule, systems, and teams.

Not sure why you should upgrade? Here’s some proof.

Environment and development

Make sure your systems and environment are prepared.

Our team of experts will explain JADE 7.1's system and environment requirements, and help you get ready to upgrade. We've worked on upgrades in a range of system configurations, so we know how to plan for a low-risk, streamlined upgrade.

Our team will:

  • Provide an expert technical assessment of your runtime environment and dependencies.
  • Help upgrade third-party components, libraries, and processes for 64-bit architecture.
  • Identify and resolve runtime dependencies.
  • Introduce best practice configuration, cache, and security settings.
  • Provide development insights into the best use of JADE's new productivity features.

Data integrity support

Migrate your data online or offline, and keep disruption to a minimum.

Data migration to JADE 7.1 can be performed either on or offline. We will help you choose the best option, and create the detailed plan your upgrade needs. With the right plan and resources you can be confident of minimal disruption to your users and a low-risk migration with no double-handling of data.

Our team will:

  • Give an expert technical assessment of your operating environment, configuration, and resources.
  • Put your upgrade strategy through a risk assessment and dress rehearsal.
  • Assist with resource planning.
  • Provide data certification operations.
  • Advise on test design and coverage.

Developer training course

Kickstart your productivity in JADE 7.1.

This five-day course gives your developers a great headstart with JADE 7.1’s new performance, interoperation, and developer productivity features. It’s designed for anyone with a working knowledge of event-driven programming and object-orientation.

Course outline:

  • JADE's object-oriented approach and programming elements.
  • How to write JADE code and design web and Windows forms.
  • Basic operational and data processes, data migration, and backups.
  • Transactions and resource locking for multi-user systems.
  • Exceptions, notifications, and asynchronous processing.
  • JADE 7 as-you-type assistance, profiling, refactoring and automated testing features.

You can customize this course to focus on the components that matter most to your team.

Installation and administrator training course

Learn how to design, install, and administer a JADE 7.1 system.

This two-day course teaches architects, administrators, and operators how to design, install and administer a JADE system.

Course outline:

  • JADE's distributed architecture model – nodes, processes, and caches.
  • Database, application server, client, and web components.
  • Installation, licensing, upgrades, and support.
  • System configuration, environment, security, and execution settings.
  • Diagnostic, monitoring and administration utilities and facilities.
  • Setting up a secondary database (SDS) and populating a relational database (RPS)

Note: This course does not cover the JadeCare toolset for a managed server.

You can customize this course to focus on the components that matter most to your team.

Get in touch with the Unified Support Services team

Not sure where to start, or have a question? Email upgrade.services@jadeworld.com.

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