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Jade Financial Crime

Detect suspicious transactions, fight money laundering, and meet your AML/CFT compliance obligations

Wealth advisers

Jade Financial Crime software gives you a powerful, uncomplicated way to analyse your customer and transactional data for suspicious activity and individuals. With Jade Financial Crime you can:

  • Identify suspicious behaviour quickly and accurately 
  • Keep false positives to a minimum 
  • Direct your specialists’ investigative efforts where they’re most valuable 
  • Monitor increasing volumes of transactions 
  • Easily create compliant reports for suspicious activity 

To run effective and compliant anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, your data analysis needs to fit with the size and structure of your business. Jade Financial Crime gives you that control without being complex to use.

  • Create your own rules to flag suspicious transactions 
  • Manage alerts for suspicious transactions or entities of interest as they are assigned for investigation, reviewed, and reported 
  • Easily convert findings into compliant reports for suspicious activity  
  • Screen customers against fully integrated Dow Jones Risk and Compliance watchlists - flag politically exposed people (PEPs), relatives and close associates (RCAs), special interest persons (SIPs) and sanctioned people and entities
  • Get expert help from Jade with your initial implementation, and ongoing support whenever you need it 
  • Create compliant prescribed transaction reports when new regulations come into effect in New Zealand (1 November 2017)

Expert implementation, training, and support

When you first implement Jade Financial Crime, an expert from our team will work with you to set up data access and build data analysis rules that support the risk profile of your business.

We train your team to make the most of Jade Financial Crime - understanding the transactions and customers that the system flags, managing your rules, and staying compliant with your reporting.

Expert support is always available. You might discover new requirements or regulations could change over time. There might be a rule change or a report that you want help with. Whatever it is, we’re here to make sure that your financial crime monitoring is strong, stable, and compliant.

Wealth advisers

Hosting, management, and support is all taken care of

Wealth advisers

Continuity and reliability are crucial. That’s why Jade Financial Crime is software as a service - we take care of hosting, management, and support of the system, every hour of every day.

The Jade Hosting and Support team operate around the clock, standing behind business critical systems for companies all around the world. Like every system that we manage, Jade Financial Crime benefits from bank-level security and enterprise-grade reliability.


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Some of our recent work

AML gaming
AML Gaming

Customer screening with our AML software delivers results for the gaming industry.

AML Financial Services
AML Skipton Building Society

Protecting financial services against money laundering and fraudulent transactions.

Jade Financial Crime in action

A growing number of industries are involved in the world’s anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) efforts. Jade Financial Crime is flexible enough to play a crucial role for businesses in a range of sectors.

Banks, building societies, and credit unions

Wealth advisers

At the heart of international AML/CFT efforts, banks and credit union have to meet regulations and obligations at both international and local levels. With high volumes of customer and financial records, and low margins for error, Jade Financial Crime suits perfectly.


Wealth advisers

Insurers, especially life insurers, are seeing rapid growth in the data, claims, and suspicious events that AML/CFT regulations require them to monitor. Jade Financial Crime makes it easy to handle these volumes of data, and to build in new rules and data sources as the insurance sector evolves.

Exchange bureaus

Wealth advisers

For currency traders and foreign exchange bureaus, automated compliance tools are increasingly necessary. Because Jade Financial Crime is easy to use, clients in this area have found that it saves time and money, and ultimately improves their business performance.


Wealth advisers

Casinos are high-risk environments for money laundering - cash transactions are very common, clients turn over quickly, and there are increasingly blurred lines between digital and traditional gambling activities. Jade Financial Crime helps casinos trace a wide variety of transactions across their business and maintain a robust AML/CFT compliance framework.

Loan providers

Wealth advisers

Smaller lenders (like providers of vehicle finance or personal loans) face similar AML/CFT obligations to banks, but without the same level of staffing or resources. Jade Financial Crime fits the bill - it’s simple enough for smaller teams to use, but powerful enough for a large number of customers and transactions.

New industries affected by AML/CFT Phase 2 in New Zealand

Wealth advisers

In 2017, Phase 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism laws will come into effect. This will extend AML/CFT requirements to new industries and professions like lawyers, accountants, gaming, and dealers in high value goods.

Whichever sector you operate in, Jade Financial Crime can be applied to your AML/CFT management and compliance.

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