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New to AML?

New AML/CFT compliance obligations?
You don’t have to DIY

AML/CFT Phase 2 reaches from conveyancers to car dealers, and it’s coming up fast. If you’re thinking about new anti-money laundering obligations and processes, start by finding out how much you can handle automatically.

Jade Financial Crime automates as much of your AML compliance as possible.

  • Checking customer details against Dow Jones’ international watchlists. Jade Financial Crime search for any PEPs, RCAs, SIPs, or SIEs on your books. (That’s politically exposed persons, their relatives and close associates, special interest persons, and special interest entities.)
  • Monitoring transactions for suspicious or unusual behaviour. You know what is and isn’t normal in your business, so you set the rules for Jade Financial Crime to follow. The system flags anything that needs looking at, so your attention only goes where it’s needed. We’ll even help get everything set up for you.
  • Easily creating compliant reports. When you find something that the authorities want to hear about, don’t worry about filling in templates or remembering which details to include. Get Jade Financial Crime to put suspicious transaction reports (STRs) together for you. When new prescribed transaction reporting rules come into effect on November 1, Jade Financial Crime will be ready to handle those as well.

Some of our recent work

AML gaming
AML Gambling

Customer screening with our AML software delivers results for the gaming industry.

AML Skypton Building Society
AML Skipton Building Society

Protecting financial services against money laundering and fraudulent transactions.

Why our AML/CFT software?



Jade Financial Crime is designed to automate as much of your AML/CFT compliance work as possible. New Zealand companies have been using it for years.



Once Jade Financial Crime has access to your customer and transaction data it takes minutes to flag anything that needs a closer look.



Dow Jones provide watchlists and you make your own transaction rules. Then Jade Financial Crime gets to work.



Jade Financial Crime is so secure that it’s already trusted by banks, credit unions, and casino operators.

Support People

Real people ready to help

The Jade team is on hand for all the initial implementation of Jade Financial Crime. We confirm secure, read-only access to your customer and transaction data, and we work with you to create transaction rules. If there’s anything you ever need help with, we’re just a call or an email away.

No Big Bills

No big bills - just pay as you go

The cost depends on the size and complexity of your AML operations. 

See Jade Financial Crime in action

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