Automated AML Compliance
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Evolve your AML compliance and fraud detection with an automated software approach. Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. Jade ThirdEye makes it simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

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The smarter way to stay AML compliant

Jade ThirdEye is automated AML compliance software that makes it easy for UK reporting entities to meet compliance obligations, detect financial crime, and protect their customers. Jade ThirdEye is flexible and configurable to serve multiple industries and address your business's unique risk profile

Streamlined Customer Screening and Transaction Monitoring

Jade ThirdEye is tailored to identify UK-specific financial crime risks. It’s simple yet powerful software for screening customers and analysing transactional data to detect suspicious activity or individuals. Jade ThirdEye enables you to:

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Identify high risk customers and suspicious activity quickly and accurately

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Keep false positives to a minimum

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Direct your specialists’ investigative efforts where they’re most valuable

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Monitor increasing volumes of transactions

Simple and Scalable

Jade ThirdEye is securely hosted in the UK and is fully GDPR-compliant, providing you with access on your terms. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Jade ThirdEye requires no new hardware or software, enabling you to take advantage of regular software feature updates and grow the system in line with your business.

Keeping financial crime out of your community

Most importantly, using Jade ThirdEye sends a clear message that your organisation is serious about preventing money laundering and fraud.

By building more robust ways to stay compliant in your operations, you’re also facilitating an environment that builds confidence among your community, with a vigilant approach to security and mitigating risks.

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Choose an AML-specific system

To run effective and compliant anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, your data analysis needs to fit the size and structure of your business.

Jade ThirdEye gives you that control without being complex to use. You can:

  • Create your own rules to flag suspicious transactions
  • Manage alerts for suspicious transactions or entities of interest as they are assigned for investigation, reviewed, and reported
  • Screen customers against fully integrated World-Check or Dow Jones Risk and Compliance watchlists
  • Get expert help from Jade with your initial implementation, and ongoing support whenever you need it

We’re already helping companies around the world to be compliant and fight financial crime

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Safeguarding 50+ companies

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Monitoring billions of transactions

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Screening 1,000,000s of customers

Ian Walker, Head of financial crime in Skipton Building Society

Jade ThirdEye gave us the power to screen new customers and transactions for an emerging fraud trend within 24hrs of the first case seen. This resulted in suspicious accounts being easily identified, allowing us to quickly alert our branches to customers of concern while monitoring for them opening online accounts

Ian Walker
Head of Financial Crime, Skipton Building Society

Local implementation and support

We have consultants based in the UK who will work with you to set up and integrate Jade ThirdEye into your business. We train your team to make the most of Jade ThirdEye, and we’re always available for ongoing support.

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AML compliance made simple. Automate your AML processes with smarter online systems

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Whether you’re looking for a replacement system, or wanting to automate manual processes for the first time, this e-book will help you understand how AML-specific software could help you lift your compliance game.

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