Parsys (Product Anomaly Recording System) is used by the JADE Customer Support Center to record contacts, faults, and New Feature Suggestions (NFS).

Customers have Internet access to Parsys allowing them to enter contacts, faults, and NFSs directly and monitor their progress through conversation entries and formal resolution notes.

Parsys also allows customers to search for other relevant information such as known issues, existing fixes, and frequently asked questions.

Installing the PARSYS thin client

Install the JADE Parsys application by downloading and running the JADE Parsys Application Installer and following the Install Wizard instructions.

This will install a JADE Smart Thin Client™ that allows you to connect to Parsys and enter and track any issues directly, as well as being able to view details and enter additional information or questions.

To log on to Parsys for the first time, you will need to request a usercode/password details from

Please read the JADE Parsys Client User Guide for further instructions.