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All of your resources and training options

Developer's Course

This course caters to all levels of knowledge and experience. Delivered onsite and via distance, upskill your abilities in Jade Platform.


Administration and user guides, release notes, white papers, and product libraries have all been brought together here.

Other Resources

Watch, listen, and learn through webinar videos, TOI presentations, and User Group (JUG) recordings.

New to developing? Or developing something new?

Start with the Developer's course, to get an orientation to Jade Platform, and then move onto the other resources below.


Developer's Course

This course covers everything you need to know to begin developing Jade Platform applications. You will learn how to build a multi-user application using good design and performance practices.

Either onsite at our Christchurch office, or remotely online, it takes 30-35 hours over one week.

Course resources

Attend the next course:  TBC, Group training is available on request.

Advanced Topics

Every so often we can offer an additional 1-2 days of specialised training based on customer feedback and needs. Topics are TBA, so leave your comments on the future direction of these add-on modules in the JEDI Ideas Portal.

Supplementary Topics

If you’ve already done a Developer's Course, or are experienced developing on the Jade Platform, check out these topics to learn more about specific functionality and capabilities within the Jade Platform.

Installation and Administration Course

This course explains how to install, operate, and administer a Jade Platform system. It also covers the Synchronized Database Service (SDS) and the Relational Population Service (RPS), and many other topics.

Currently there isn't a course scheduled, but we suggest you visit the Documentation section (described below) to see if the guides available are sufficient to get you started; otherwise you can email to register your interest for any future course.



If you are looking for a full technical guide, reference document or release notes the Documentation page is your answer. Administration and user guides, release notes, white papers, and individual release product libraries have all been brought together here.

There are documentation packages for each release, or you can enter each release's product library to pick and choose resources for download.

Videos, Webinars and Presentations

Throughout the year and with every release, we hold user group events and webinars. The Jade Platform User Group (JUG) is one of them and the Transfer of Information (TOI) is another. You can view past presentations from these events here.

Jade Platform User Groups

Annual events providing updates on the Jade Platform, featuring demos and technical presentations.

Transfer Of Information

An event to preview the latest Jade Platform release.
TOI is held bi-annually in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Watch TOI byte-sized! - Here

Watch TOI 2020 - Here

Watch TOI 2018 - Here

Example Schemas

In bringing ideas to life, we have created schemas for you to sample like Google Analytics integration and Geospatial functionality.
Browse our GitHub repository or download a package of several example schemas that quickly demonstrate Jade Platform features. 

Follow the roadmap on the JEDI Ideas Portal

On the portal you can add new ideas, as well as leave comments and feedback on existing ideas - including the ones we are executing, or have implemented already. You can also receive automated updates from JEDI Ideas Portal by subscribing on sign-up.