Supplementary Topics

Supplementary Topics

If you’ve already done the JADE Developer's Course, or are an experienced JADE Developer, check out these topics to learn more about specific functionality and capabilities within JADE.

Some of the Supplementary Topics refer to required files, these are downloadable here: 

.NET Exposure

Access JADE databases from C#


Make JADE compatible with a variety of languages and formats

JADE Development Environment

Explore the JADE Development Environment and some of the lesser-known features

Report Writer

Explore the JADE Report Writer


Use skins to customise the look and feel of JADE applications


Use the WebSocket protocol to provide      real-time data streaming from a JADE database


Automate testing of JADE GUI forms

Google Analytics

Send usage data to Google Analytics

Logical Certifier

Repair the referential integrity of a JADE database


Use a JADE database as a RESTful web service provider

Unit Testing

Use JADE’s unit testing framework to identify defects in JADE code


Translate data between XML documents and a JADE database

Audit Access

Extract information from JADE journals


Use JADE interfaces to group classes by behaviour


Run JADE processes asynchronously in separate processes

Security Course

Learn security best practices for JADE development

Version Control

Manage change using JADE’s version control tools