An investigations management solution for regulatory and enforcement agencies around the world

Increase efficiency and improve investigation outcomes

Jade ICM helps teams centralise and share information, discover new lines of enquiry, manage evidence, prepare for prosecutions, and ultimately close cases and investigations faster. 

Originally developed in partnership with law enforcement agencies, Jade ICM is purpose-built to manage your entire investigative workflow with integrity, transparency, and efficiency.


Our Customers

From international police and investigative agencies to federal and state regulatory agencies in Australia, Europe, and the Pacific, agencies around the world use Jade ICM to manage complex cases and investigations for covert operations, organised crime, witness protection, anti-doping, corruption regulation, and enforcement. 

Intelligence-led case management

Customers use Jade ICM as a central system for all their case management needs. You can be confident your data is stored in a secure, safe environment.

Assign, record, and track all aspects of a case  
CONNECT Connect and search across multiple data sets  
VISUALISE Visualise case information  

ICM at a glance

ICM_consolidated_64 Consolidated

Use Jade ICM to create a central system of record for all your critical information, and empower your team in intelligence-led investigations

ICM_visible_64 Visible

With all your information in one place and easily searchable, you can quickly find what you need, visualise relationships, separate noise from actionable intelligence, and operate with integrity and transparency

ICM_Productive_64 More Productive

Use ICM to standardise your operating procedures, align your team, streamline your workflow, and close cases faster


Hassle-free implementation and support

Jade ICM is easy for administrators to set up, manage, and upgrade. But if you prefer to take advantage of Jade’s professional hosting and managed services, we’re here for you. With over 20 years combined experience and the subject matter expertise that comes from working with dozens of agencies, you can trust Jade to answer your support queries and provide training when you need it. 

Improve your investigative outcomes today