AML for gaming facilities case study

Customer screening delivers results

AML for gaming facilities case study
Jade ThirdEye

  • Identifies suspicious behaviour quickly and accurately 
  • Keeps false positives to a minimum
  • Directs your specialists’ investigative efforts where they’re most valuable
  • Monitors increasing volumes of transactions
  • Creates compliant suspicious transaction reports
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AML for gaming facilities

Recreational facilities, like casinos, attract hundreds of thousands of customers a year from all over the world. These businesses are subject to rigorous compliance obligations across their diverse operations which often include restaurants, bars, hotels, theatres, convention centres, and casinos.

The gaming side of these businesses, in particular, is subject to extensive controls covering customer screening and transaction monitoring. In order to comply with these requirements organisations need to implement anti-money laundering tools that assist compliance teams in detecting suspicious activities.

AML for gaming facilities

Immediate outcomes

Jade ThirdEye has delivered immediate results for compliance teams throughout the industry. Two instances where this software assisted organisations in identifying suspicious clients that would not have otherwise been possible are as follows:

The first case

The first case involved a new customer who was screened by Jade ThirdEye. The screening results revealed that the customer was using an alias and was wanted in an offshore jurisdiction for allegedly committing fraud offences. The software was able to show that the customer and the wanted individual were likely to  be the same person, because it could match known aliases via dates of birth and pictures of the suspect.

The second case

The second case involved a longstanding customer. The customer was screened by Jade ThirdEye and the results revealed the customer’s name, date of birth, and picture were a match for an individual who had been charged with a bribery offence abroad and had fled  that country prior to trial. 

The alerts generated by Jade ThirdEye in both instances meant that the group was able to demonstrate compliance with anti-money laundering obligations, give law enforcement valuable intelligence, and provide its management with a better understanding of their regulatory compliance risks.

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