TAL is one of Australia’s leading life insurance specialists, protecting people (not things) for over 140 years. Over this time they’ve protect more than four million Australians and their families, helping them look after what matters most, so they have the freedom to keep living the life they planned.

Their ambition is straightforward: to ensure their customers understand and value the protection they have and are confident that TAL will be there when customers need them most.

Three people in front of a cork board discussing ideas


The insurance industry is fickle. Customers have ample choice when it comes to who they insure with and by and large, the offerings are similar. Because of this, customer acquisition and retention are two of the biggest challenges that businesses like TAL face.


With complete awareness of these two challenges, TAL embedded a customer-led, innovative mindset into its culture, and enlisted Jade to help rapidly launch several digital products and services.

After several workshops, user testing, customer feedback, and market research, Jade developed and launched CoverBuilder, a self-service customer acquisition web portal that offered a ground-breaking customer experience. From the initial idea to launch in the space of only five months, new customers were able to sign up without the assistance of TAL employees.

“It’s difficult to find a single party that combines complex digital front ends and hardcore software development skills, and if you do, they probably take 20 people to do it, and they’re expensive. Jade brought these skills and embedded them within our team, rather than us being embedded in a supplier and losing control of a project”.
Tim Thorne, Chief Distribution Officer, TAL.


Our ongoing partnership with TAL has so far included:

  • A new self-service approach to life insurance
  • Five months from the initial idea to launch
  • Enabling product control through in-house development support
  • UX design workshops for opportunity discovery and validation