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StaffSync makes staff management easy with
Jade Platform

Case Study

The back story

StaffSync is a complete staff management tool built on the Jade Platform. Starting out by serving the education sector through web and mobile app it now empowers over 1500 organisations across Australia and New Zealand to proactively roster, predict, log and manage their staff schedules. 

Growth is a constant for StaffSync and they have now expanded their features and functionality to serve more industries such as healthcare, retail, distribution and trade & labour. 



What StaffSync have acheived

  • Full self-service mobile application, consistently available through android and iOS with an easy to use UI for admins and end users.
  • Integrations with common payroll solutions such as Xero and Datacom Payroll.  
  • Expansion into Australian markets and multiple new industries.
  • Features that allow predictive rostering and development of NFC enablement for staff connectivity.

If you're looking to undertake similar projects to StaffSync - or you have a process that needs an overhaul - then Jade Software and the Jade Platform offer the ideal hands-on environment to see your success through to the future.