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The JADE Story

Jade Platform is part of the Jade world - Jade Software Corporation operates at a global level, with the goal of enabling technology to solve complex business problems. Alongside Jade Platform, Jade Software is a market leader in AML solutions, offering DevOps, Digital Services, and innovative human-centred design solutions.

For more than 30 years, our product has been the platform and partner of choice for helping many businesses take care of their technology needs so they can focus on their customers. 

Built for complex, highly regulated industries, Jade Platform's robustness and flexibility have been there from the start, enabling businesses to adapt and respond to evolving needs quickly.


JADE has been on quite the journey itself, initially helping businesses transition from historic mainframe systems to on-prem servers. And more recently, JADE is enabling businesses to adopt the modern practices and architecture, through containerising and re-platforming their applications in the cloud and cloud native development.

Our dedication to innovation is inseparable from our commitment to delivering value for our customers' customers. This has most recently been demonstrated through the capability investment we have made in the JADE team, which is broadening the scope, functionality, and potential of the JADE platform. We couldn't be more excited for the future of JADE and how it can help businesses succeed.


Take a walk down memory lane, with the key moments in the history of Jade Platform.

  • 1978

    Gil Simpson and Peter Hoskins formed Future Systems Limited to develop the LINC 4th-gen language development and run time product. It ran on Burroughs mainframe computers in over 4000 organisations.

  • 1994

    After a couple of years in development, JADE Beta comes to completion, and JADE officially launches with its first customer.

  • 1996

    JADE 3.3 is released as a complete product. It has its own language, multi-user development environment, object-oriented database engine, and distributed run time environment.

  • 1998

    JadeCare Systems Manager (JSM) product deployed into production. JADE Enabling Transition (JET) is also released, which converts LINC-based systems into JADE.

  • 2004

    Seeing the growing value of JADE in its own core banking system, Skipton Building Society became the major shareholder of Jade Software Corporation.

  • 2016

    To celebrate JADE's 20th anniversary, alongside a few tunes and bottles of bubbly, JADE 2016 was launched.

  • 2018

    Continued investment in JADE saw an impressive launch of JADE 2018, with an exciting roadmap of features, functionality, support, and growth.

  • 2020

    Not only did 2020 see some businesses containerise JADE, we also launched JADE 2020 - even amidst the impact COVID-19.

  • 2021

    We're busy planning for a more innovative, flexible, and faster JADE 2022, plus helping our partners, customers, and developer community succeed. Watch this space!