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Synchronized Database Service

Ensuring Continuous Data Integrity

So what is SDS?

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Jade’s Synchronized Database Service (SDS) has been designed for businesses reliant on their IT infrastructure ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of disasters or system outages. SDS is a comprehensive high-availability and disaster recovery solution. It provides an out-of-box software solution to automating a hot standby database in one or more locations with better efficiency and lower cost than hardware remote mirroring solutions. 

SDS Features

Data Management Efficiency

  • SDS secondary databases serve dual purposes for disaster recovery and query workload offloading
  • Inquiry workloads can be efficiently partitioned and load-balanced across multiple secondary databases
  • Access objects in secondary databases while updates are applied, ensuring seamless synchronization for data consistency and integrity.

Enhanced Recovery Strategies

  • Deploying SDS secondary databases as a realistic alternative to disc backup and restore strategies.
  • Crucial for reducing downtime and ensuring a quick recovery to a functional state in business continuity strategies.
  • SDS offers a cost-effective, efficient hot standby server solution for disaster recovery, outperforming hardware remote mirroring options.

Streamlined Management

  • Simplify database management with Jade's Database Administration framework and SDS user administration tool
  • Automate management tasks and monitor multiple databases from a single interface for enhanced efficiency.

Robust System Resilience

  • Hostile or negotiated takeovers facilitate efficient role-reversals between primary and secondary databases
  • Minimizes primary system downtime during planned or unplanned outages, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

For a more technical deep dive

We have a white paper covering all you need to know about SDS

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Experience peace of mind knowing that your critical data and applications are protected with Jade's Synchronized Database Service.