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Shaking up the underserved mid-market with MYOB Greentree

Case Study

The back story

Beginning its life serving accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand, MYOB Greentree now serves the needs of businesses across the world. The early success of MYOB Greentree came down to the gap it filled for mid-sized businesses. The only options available were a ‘lite’ (but costly) version of large-scale enterprise software, or functionally limited small business software.


The problem

MYOB Greentree was a DOS-based system. It became apparent that the existing system would soon be an unsuitable vehicle for delivering on MYOB Greentree’s goal of becoming the powerful, configurable ERP platform of choice for mid-sized businesses.

The existing options in the market could be configurable but ran into issues when future upgrades were released, effectively locking businesses in to a particular version.

So, MYOB Greentree began the search for a new system.


The solution

When weighing up potential solutions, MYOB Greentree looked through the lens of its three pillars that underlined how they define success: sheer functionality, the ability to configure and customize, and continuous deployment. After careful consideration, they decided to move from Delphi over a SQL database to the Jade Platform.

Jade Platform made it possible for MYOB Greentree to deliver more functionality than customers had come to expect, process millions of transactions for thousands of companies every week, and release regular upgrades to its highly configurable software in a way that respected and preserved custom development.


The value gained

We recently sat down with MYOB Greentree's Platform Delivery Manager, Paul Munro to talk Jade Platform. Here are the key value adds for MYOB Greentree from utilising Jade Platform:

  • Self-sufficiency: Development teams don't have to wait for build processes and change to happen in Jade Platform, they can quickly make and validate changes themselves.
  • Consistency: The object relationship between storage and code means little friction or overhead in managing mismatches.
  • Proactive feature development: The ease of working within Jade platform allows speedy development of user experience features to enhance engagement with products.
  • It's robust: As MYOB Greentree is a large ERP system used by some of MYOB’s largest customers, it needs to meet the high demands that their ERP customers expect; Jade Platform delivers the high-performance needed.

"The continuous investment that Jade is making in the Jade Platform is one of the reasons why MYOB Greentree originally selected it. These regular updates enable MYOB Greentree to stay current with technology and security requirements keeping their products secure and at the forefront of innovation,"

Paul Munro, MYOB Greentree's Platform Delivery Manager.