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Optimising Concurrency with Jade's Collection Concurrency

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The latest release of JADE delivers more openness, enhanced security, and cloud capabilities for your systems, and makes developers happier

JADE developers can expect improved performance and greater efficiency in the 2020 version, as well as a better overall experience. We’ve made it easier for you to focus on work that matters to you so you can enjoy solving problems instead of battling technology.

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Jade’s Collection Concurrency feature is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of contention and concurrency in transaction processing systems. By minimizing lock contention on persistent collections, this feature significantly enhances user response times and transaction throughput. As a result, it ensures that your IT infrastructure performs optimally and scales effectively to meet increasing demands.


Improved Data Management Efficiency

  • The Jade 2020 release introduced methods allowing updates to persistent collections to be deferred until the transaction commits.
    This reduces lock contention and enhances concurrency.
  • Efficiently maintain persistent collections directly or through automatic inverse maintenance with minimised contention. 
  • Simplifies the use of deferred updates for automatically maintained collections with a deferred execution strategy. 
  • Applies to all state changes that trigger automatic collection maintenance, ensuring efficient data consistency. 

Enhanced Performance

  • Achieves high concurrency by minimising lock contention, crucial for improving user response times in interactive workloads. 
  • Increases throughput for batch workloads by reducing the time transactions spend waiting for locks. 
  • Simplifies writing efficient code for maintaining persistent collections while avoiding deadlocks. 
  • Supports schema-defined per-property scope and runtime execution per-process scope for flexible control. 

Schema and Runtime Control

  • Allows deferred execution strategy to be controlled at both schema-defined per-property scope and runtime execution per-process scope. 
  • Provides flexibility and control over automatic collection maintenance for optimised performance. 

Deferred Execution for Inverses

  • Applies to various state changes, including manual single value property assignments, key value settings for auto-inverse member key dictionaries, and changes in properties used in constraints on multi-valued inverses. 
  • Ensures seamless updates and maintenance of collections with minimal performance impact. 

For a more technical deep dive

We have a white paper covering all you need to know about Collection Concurrency.

Read the White Paper

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Experience peace of mind knowing that your data management processes are optimized with Jade’s Collection Concurrency feature.