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JADE 2022

The latest and greatest release 

Jade Platform Roadmap 2022

The latest release of JADE delivers more openness, enhanced security, and cloud capabilities for your systems, and makes developers happier

JADE developers can expect improved performance and greater efficiency in the 2020 version, as well as a better overall experience. We’ve made it easier for you to focus on work that matters to you so you can enjoy solving problems instead of battling technology.

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JADE 2022 further builds on the capabilities of popular features, including more performance enhancements, standardisation of REST and introduction of open-source mocking framework for unit testing, and reduced restrictions on Data Partitioning. We continue to extend both the User and Developer experience, making JADE even more accessible.

JADE 2022 includes

JDG_Website-Icons_REST_22 OPENNESS

Extend and standardise the existing capability of REST

JDG_Website-Icons_Data_22 DATA MANAGEMENT

Data and data privacy has evolved, ensure you're making use of Data Partitioning, which has now been extended, removing constraints previously preventing some implementations from utilising capability.

JDG_Website-Icons_Security_22 SECURITY

Security is vitally important, and in this release support for Opportunistic TLS has been added.

JDG_Website-Icons_DevOps-Focus_22 DEVOPS

New mocking framework that allows developers to focus their tests on the behavior of the class under test without worrying about its dependencies.

JDG_Website-Icons_Performance_22 DEVELOPER PRODUCTIVITY

Unleash your engineering team's efficiency and productivity with improvements across the IDE, Debugger and Inspector.


You spoke, we listened. Many ideas and enhancements included in the release were suggested through our JEDI platform. Keep the ideas coming!


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