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The JadeSoftware.Identity.Client.Desktop component is a .NET assembly that can be imported into a Jade application to provide Single Sign On (SSO) authentication. This component streamlines the authentication process for users, ensuring seamless and secure access across applications. 

SSO Features

Integration with Azure Entra ID via
Microsoft Authentication Library

  • Hides .Net complexity with standard Jade classes and methods. 
  • Ensures smooth integration with Jade applications. 
  • Provides secure SSO authentication, enhancing user experience and system security. 
  • Integrates seamlessly into the standard Jade Platform security extension points. 

Enhanced User Experience
with Effortless Authentication

  • Simplifies the login process, reducing the need for multiple credentials. 
  • Enhances user convenience by enabling single sign-on across various applications. 
  • Ensures consistent and reliable access to applications, improving productivity. 
  • Minimizes authentication errors and security risks associated with multiple logins. 

Streamlined Management

  • Allows administrators to manage and monitor authentication activities from a single interface in Azure. 
  • Automates authentication processes, reducing administrative overhead. 
  • Enhances efficiency by enabling a centralized tool for SSO management. 

Compatibility and Flexibility

  • Fully compatible with JADE 2020 and 2022, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. 
  • Easily extensible to accommodate future updates and enhancements. 
  • Ensures long-term viability and adaptability to changing security needs. 

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