Our 24/7 service ensures your systems are constantly safe, up-to-date, reliable and fast. 

help is at hand

We support customers across all of our products & services, and across a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, government, health, logistics, and utilities. Our Operations team manages, monitors and maintains digital and enterprise systems, large and small, for clients all over the world. 

  • 24/7/365 monitoring, incident management and helpdesk
  • User support and application fault resolution
  • Codebase maintenance and patching
  • Application and business function enhancement
  • DevOps release and deployment management
  • Public and private Cloud supply and management
  • Data administration, backup and recovery

The advantage of
Jade's Managed Service

Jade-Digital_Trusted-Icon_Yellow Trusted in regulated

Decades of expertise withstanding the rigours of regulated organisations

Jade-Digital_Code-Icon_Yellow Modern software
delivery practices

Leading DevOps and other engineering practices for stable, secure applications

Jade-Digital_Team-Icon_Yellow Empowering teams
and ongoing care

Enabling organisations to maximise the way they use technology and processes

Jade-Digital_Graph-Icon_Yellow Holistic approach
to scaling your success

Fostering long-term relationships for sustainably delivering desired results

Leading Service Deployment

Our multi-disciplined team of skilled technicians follow industry best practices and use automation software.

  • First level, technical help-desk
  • Experienced DevOps experts
  • Cloud architecture design and deployment
  • Highly skilled technical support
  • Developers that know your system
  • Security services and analysis
  • Network design and configuration
  • Project management
  • Customer Service Manager assigned to you