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Business Continuity

Business continuity planning is about building resilience
into the fabric of your organisation, so your customers
and partners can always rely on you.

Business Continuity Planning

Risks faced by businesses today are greater than ever before. Increasing exposure to cyber vulnerabilities, natural disasters through climate change and skilled workforce shortages present very real threats on a daily basis.

The high cost of acquisition, the ease with which customers can be lost, and potential brand damage means that any service disruptions can be extremely costly. This makes it more important than ever for leaders to build resilience and recoverability into their organisations.

Jade can help you design and implement a business continuity strategy, that ensures you can anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptions.



A Proven Framework
for Delivering Resilience


Our first objective is to understand your current state. We facilitate workshops with a range of stakeholders from across your organisation, taking a holistic view of your people, processes and technology.

With these insights, our team can undertake a comprehensive risk assessment and design a practical roadmap of change that will deliver a more resilient future state.



Our experience shows that resilience must be built into the fabric of a business in many different ways, and that every change program is different. Playing a crucial role are: Infrastructure, application architecture, change and incident management.

Whether it's a knowledge management solution that ensures the right information is available to support a critical incident, or creating an automated deployment pipeline that enables critical fixes to be deployed rapidly, we make it happen.


Respond and Recover

Even with the best planning and preparation in place, disruptive events that are outside of your control can and will happen. The speed at which these events are detected and resolved is what sets businesses apart.

For over 30 years, Jade has been providing customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their mission critical applications are backed by our full end-to-end monitoring, support and maintenance services.


The benefits of
Business Continuity Planning

Increase Resilience

Implementing strategies that reduce the likelihood of service disruptions happening in the first place

JSRV_BusCon_Brand Growth_Icon
Protect your Brand

Create a competitive advantage by maintaining service levels and communication during a crisis

Reduce Risk

Recover from incidents quickly to safeguard customer service and minimise financial impacts

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