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Create a better customer experience
by extending the life of your investments



The case for modernisation

Many organisations have discovered the hard way that their legacy applications are limiting their ability to drive digital transformation, improve customer experience, leverage new technologies and respond quickly to market dynamics.

If this is your situation, then you will likely face a big decision:


An off the shelf solution may offer an attractive option for commoditised solutions where differentiation isn't important. However, wholesale replacement can come with functional compromise, plus hidden costs of integration and business process change.


This option provides the opportunity to create a unique solution that differentiates your business, with all the benefits of a modern cloud native tech stack. However, it may also come with the greatest investment of capital, time and resource.


We believe that modernisation often provides the best balance between risk and opportunity. Modernisation can provide an incremental pathway to better customer experience that reduces risk, minimises business impact and extends the life of your existing investments.

How we help you modernise



Following initial discovery of your current state and future ambitions we help you to create and implement a sequenced roadmap that incorporates recognised modernisation strategies.


Make existing data and functions available as services via an API. This allows existing features to be integrated seamlessly with newer technologies such as a responsive customer portal.



Restructure and optimise the existing code base to simplify and reduce risk. Removing functions that are no longer used can reduce the overhead of testing and increase the speed of change.



Redeploy the application to the cloud without changing the code or functionality. This can provide additional cost, scalability and security benefits without the investment or risk of a full rebuild.



Rewriting the application from the ground up, provides the opportunity to harness a cloud native architecture, the latest front-end frameworks and DevOps toolsets.

Find out how Jade has helped our customers to create unique solutions that allow them to differentiate from the completion.


The benefits of Modernisation

Get in touch to find out how Jade can help your business unlock the benefits of application modernisation, including:

Reduce the cost and
the risk of change

through the automation of critical processes such as testing and deployment.

Innovate customer experience

drive engagement by harnessing the latest generation of responsive technologies.

Optimise to support
and drive growth

by migrating workloads to a secure, resilient and scalable cloud environment.

Let's talk Modernisation