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Greg Smith Mon, Jul 11, '22 6 min read

Best Practices For Secure Application Development

Information security and cyber security can sometimes appear to be shrouded in a culture ...
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Jade Software Mon, May 16, '22 4 min read

Streamlining Technology Within Primary Industries

With the vast majority of the Primary Industry sector in Australia spanning a 100+ year ...
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Jade Software Fri, Apr 29, '22 3 min read

Identifying and Mitigating Technology Key Person Risk

What is Technology Key Person Risk & how to identify it within your organisation In ...
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Tom Hallam Wed, Apr 20, '22 4 min read

ARM Processors and the Battle for Sustainable Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure has just introduced Ampere ARM processors, following similar ...
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Dan Rosenbrock Wed, Mar 2, '22 3 min read

Jade Engineering Blog: Enforce DevOps policies with Azure Pipelines

Many organizations have created or are working towards creating a central team ...
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Jade Software Wed, Nov 3, '21 6 min read

Is Software still eating the world?

This edited snippet from Episode 18 of our podcast Beta & Beyond looks at the famous ...
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James Sayer Fri, Sep 3, '21 3 min read

Pragmatic mindsets required for digital transformations.

So, you’ve aligned the goals of your business and IT team around a common vision, engaged ...
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James Sayer Thu, Aug 26, '21 4 min read

Key success factors for transformations

For many organisations, agile transformation is often closely associated with cloud ...
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Charlotte Walshe Tue, Aug 17, '21 2 min read

Jade Business Continuity Plan

Log4Shell (log4j) Security Update. If you require more information about this please ...
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Jade Software Thu, Aug 5, '21 7 min read

Navigating the seven types of application modernisation

The risks involved with comprehensive digital transformations are simply too high for ...
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