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Michael Howard Thu, Jul 22, '21 4 min read

Setting up for cloud modernisation success

Shane Oerder has considerable network and solution architecture expertise under his belt, ...
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John Ascroft Thu, Jul 22, '21 4 min read

The push (and pull) for modern API management in regulated environments

While technology stacks vary from enterprise to enterprise, one thing remains constant – ...
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Anchalee Hasty Thu, Jul 8, '21 8 min read

Data: The Fuel of the Experience Economy

At the end of May we attended ADAPT’s Digital Edge Conference along with 130 Heads of ...
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Jade Software Wed, Jul 7, '21 5 min read

Agile Transformation Advice (for Directors)

The advice on this podcast is from Liz Maguire. Liz has worked in the financial services ...
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Michael Howard Tue, Jun 29, '21 7 min read

Neo-insurance, data and tech

This blog comes from our interview with Jason Roberts. Jason is the Executive Director of ...
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Michael Howard Mon, Jun 28, '21 5 min read

Building a stock exchange for digital-first SMEs

We sit down with Harry O'Connor, the CTO and co-founder of Catalist, the stock exchange ...
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Tom Hallam Tue, Jun 22, '21 1 min read

AWS ECS Anywhere opens up new ways of working for New Zealand Businesses

DevOps is quickly becoming fundamental for businesses in all sectors. Simply put, it is a ...
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Michael Howard Mon, Jun 21, '21 5 min read

Insights from a DevOps Engineer

We sit down with DevOps Engineer Dan Rosenbrock and ask him about his experience in the ...
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Tom Hallam Fri, Jun 11, '21 7 min read

Data is the new domain of spin doctors. But data fabrics can set the record straight.

The internet. One giant platform with an endless number of disparate data sources and ...
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Jade Software Wed, May 26, '21 5 min read

A DevOps crash-course

This excerpt from our podcast Beta & Beyond is all about speed to market, something ...
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