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The Future is Digital. Learn Where It Will Take You
Setting the foundations for your Industry 4.0 journey

Industry 4.0 brings with it the exciting opportunity to transform the way..

Michael Howard
Why you don’t need to throw legacy systems out with the bath water

For many, the idea of replacing technology that is in fact only a few years..

Michael Howard
Customer experience: New Zealand's pulse

How do you initiate and measure the success of projects that move the needle..

Michael Howard
When member engagement is top priority – digital solutions are the answer

Organisations in the financial services sector have traditionally built and..

Ant Tyler
What do the big thinkers say about our financial future?

Although artificial intelligence will replace certain tasks within jobs in..

Ant Tyler
Jade Roundtable Series: How can humans control AI?

Following on from our last article, we continue to explore the discussion..

Ant Tyler
The human factor: How chatbots and AI work together in Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is being integrated into our lives in more ways than..

Ant Tyler
Five ways chatbots and AI deliver value in Financial Services

The days of communicating with human customer service reps are numbered. In..

Ant Tyler
Jade Roundtable Series: Does AI have ethics?

There’s a growing question around the ethics of artificial intelligence,..

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