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Case Study

Document Repository Solution

Skipton Building Society (Skipton) is one of the longest-standing financial institutions in Britain, offering insurance, mortgages, savings, legacy, and financial advice. Given the nature of this work, tens of thousands of documents are created, scanned, updated, and accessed every day across multiple locations.

With an ageing off-the-shelf Document Management system and a countdown to end of life, Skipton set out to move this mammoth data set to a new solution. With over 110 million client and business documents in storage growing at a rate of 1.5 million each month, scale and speed were paramount in their decision. Multiple off-the-shelf solutions were explored in-depth but none offered what was needed for the long-term goal.


Given the need for speed and scale, and Skipton Building Society’s future-focussed technology roadmap the decision to build this new Document Repository in the cloud was an easy one.

We set out with a clear mandate from Skipton. For end-user satisfaction; to build an accessibility focussed solution which could be built, tested and launched with minimal business interruption, whilst improving speed and user experience for document search and retrieval. From a business/tech perspective; building an easily maintained, secure, robust solution that could scale and be enhanced for years to come.

Working with Skipton, we built out a fully cloud native solution in Azure, with a .NET backend and Vue.js for an intuitive frontend. All the power of the cloud is utilised with Blob storage for our 110 million documents and a Cosmos DB for storage of document metadata. Multi-region support ensures high application availability and data resiliency. APIs were designed and developed to ensure performant integration with Skipton’s core Jade Platform systems.



Implementing best practice build and deploy strategies throughout ensures the solution is robust and reliable; these include DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and automated testing. And of course, with a customer in financial services, security is key. A tailored security strategy was developed to marry together Jade’s decades of experience with Skipton’s stringent standards to ensure peace of mind across the board.


The outcome was an overnight transition between the old and new document repositories. With a future-proofed core system that aligns with their digital vision for a cloud ecosystem, Skipton are set to continue their great legacy of helping people find a good place for their money.

Jade Software & Skipton:
A Winning Collaboration

Learn how Jade Software and Skipton worked together to create
a custom document repository solution that exceeded expectations.

"Jade's technical knowledge, expertise, and collaborative agile way of working make them a fantastic partner to work with. Our teams worked openly and effectively together to deliver a first-class cloud-native document management solution that has given Skipton the best possible first steps on our cloud transformation journey."

Henry VarneyCOO at Skipton Building Society

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